Hospitals have specific needs, some of which are ease of use for employees and volunteers and flexibility to support many different kiosk types including gift shops, cafes, and dining rooms. We have solutions for all your needs.

Hospital 02

Standard & Custom Reporting

  • Export data to MS Excel and PDF
  • Filter, sort, drill down to the transaction
  • Auto-report creation with email distribution via PDF


Menu Item Management

  • Enterprise level item creation and dissemination
  • Enterprise level reporting
  • Local menu scheduling
  • Local display board control

Resident Management

  • Integrated Census Import from third party accounting and EMR solutions
  • Resident demographics
  • Meal plan management with usage reporting
  • A/R charge generation and export
  • Synchronizes with the POS system and updates local systems CRM

Inventory Control & Procurement

  • Mobile device inventory collection
  • Theoretical inventory compared to actual cost of goods sold
  • Optional 2D Bluetooth barcode scanner
  • Electronic Data Exchange with major distributors, including Sysco, US Foods, and Gordon Food Service.

Human Resource Module

  • Employee data management
  • Payroll deduction via employee meal plan programs
  • Billing export interfaces to payroll services such as ADP and Paychex

Loyalty Programs

  • Program setup and maintenance
  • Usage statistics
  • Push notification management
  • Custom smartphone application for residents and customers

System Administration

  • Manage user roles and site access with our simple, intuitive interface
  • Corporate organization authorizations
  • Configuration settings for each local site

Integration into your System Topography

  • Cloud web server runs in client data center or vendor hosted
  • Can utilize client communication channels for site-to-cloud communication (VPN, etc.)
  • Isolation and backup under client control

Add-on Modules

  • Resident web portal with credit card payment capability
  • Inventory and order management
  • In-room and online ordering
  • Smartphone application for sales, residents and operations teams

"I've been really happy with Alex and POS Partners. The installations have gone super smooth so far and everyone I have talked to has high praise for the system and organization."

~Mike Moran, Project Manager, State of Missouri