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Are you controlling your cash or is it controlling you?

As a company, POS Partners has a more than 15-year history with hospitality technology and in that time, we have learned a lot of the same small business lessons that our partners experience. These lessons are often punishing, if not painful, and at the root of almost every single one is cash flow. "You can't manage what you can't measure" has become a mantra across all of our teams, from sales to technical, and it's a secret we share with every single one of our partners. A POS Partners' point-of-sale system isn't a cash register or even a's a solution. That's why we don't have customers, or even clients. We have partners. Beyond our award-winning software, ServingIntel, and our exceptionally warrantied commercial-grade hardware (including cutting edge tablets and hand held mobile terminals), when you invest with POS Partners, Inc., we make a commitment to return that investment. We dedicate ourselves to helping you generate profitability that will not only match your solution's price tag, but beyond, and with a better quality of life through greater efficiency, lower costs, and more knowledge.

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From the Hard Drive of Lance Bell, President of POS Partners

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Every business has a Profit & Loss Statement, a Balance Sheet, and a Statement of Cash Flow. While having accurate examples for the first two are important, cash pays bills - "Cash is King!"

POS Partners is the only company in the hospitality technology industry to provide solutions guaranteed to increase cash flow. Once we have surveyed your business using our ROI Analysis Tool, we provide a conservative estimate of the increase in cash flow, and guaranty it against a monthly finance payment. If it doesn't happen, you get your money back. No risk, it's that simple.

In our experience, there are two types of business owners:
Those looking for low cost
Those who want a bigger bank account, year after year.

If you are the second kind, please fill out any of our site's contact forms, call, or email us!

With Respect and Blessings,
Lance Bell
President, POS Partners